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about us

AstroCorgi is more than a token on solana; it's your ticket to an interstellar journey. As part of our space-themed crypto universe, $ACGI holders enjoy a range of unique benefits and become integral members of an expanding cosmic community.

Have a say in our intergalactic voyage. Your involvement directly influences the project's trajectory and community initiatives.

Enjoy early access to space-themed NFTs, special events, and educational content that broadens your cosmic and crypto knowledge.

Participate in staking, missions, and challenges designed to reward active community members and token holders.

As we explore new frontiers, your $ACGI holdings unlock new opportunities for learning, earning, and contributing to space exploration's future.


Year 1: Foundation & Engagement

H1: Launch & Community Building

- Official launch of the AstroCorgi ($ACGI) token.

- Creation of Discord and Telegram communities.

- Initiation of the AstroCorgi Ambassador Program to foster community growth.

- Launch of the first meme airdrop campaign to create viral brand awareness.

H2: Visibility & Expansion

- Application for listings on CoinMarketCap (CMC) and CoinGecko (CG).

- Development of the AstroCorgi Advertisement Platform for community-driven promotions.

- Expansion of social media presence, aiming for 50K followers on Twitter and 20K members on Telegram.

- Rollout of additional meme airdrop campaigns to maintain engagement and attract new users.

Year 2: Growth & Innovation

H1: Ecosystem Development

-Launch of the Zealy Campaigns to incentivize community participation and token utility.

-Enhancement of the Ambassador Program with new tiers and rewards.

-Introduction of educational content and interactive space missions to engage the community.

-Development and beta testing of the AstroCorgi Advertisement Platform.

H2: Scalability & Partnerships

-Official release of the AstroCorgi Advertisement Platform.

-Application for listing on major exchanges such as Binance to increase token accessibility and liquidity.

-Establish strategic partnerships with other projects and educational platforms.

-Review and expansion of the AstroCorgi ecosystem based on community feedback and market trends.